Burnt Ash Primary School

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We appreciate that starting school is a big step for both you and your child.

 At Burnt Ash we strongly believe that your child’s education is a partnership between home and school and therefore parents and carers are always welcome to come and see us.

How you can help your child be ready to start school

A large part of early learning is social interaction. You can help by encouraging your child to share, take turns, be polite, listen to others and be helpful with jobs and tasks.

In our experience children who are able to manage simple personal things are less anxious when starting school and tend to settle more easily.

Help your child to be ready for school by encouraging them to:

Dress and undress themselves.

Manage their shoes and plimsoles.

Know how, and when, to go to the toilet and to know that it is important to wash your hands afterwards.

Tidy equipment and toys away.

Share a book with you and talk about the books you are reading together.

Speak clearly and talk in sentences.

You can help us by:

Making sure your child is in school and on time every day.

Ensuring that contact information is kept up to date.

Informing us of any medical or dietary needs.

Letting us know of any change in circumstance (all information is kept confidential.)

Dressing your child in the correct uniform, including the correct PE kit.

Checking your child's hair regularly.

Ensuring reading books are returned.

Informing us if there is going to be a different person collecting your child.